The Role of an Association Manager: Key Responsibilities and Skills

The Role of an Association Manager: Key Responsibilities and Skills

Living in an HOA-governed community is pointless if no one enforces the rules. An association manager is a must for maintaining the community and upholding the HOA covenants. But you can't hire just anyone to do this job.

You need someone with the necessary skills and experience to handle the responsibilities.


Like any position, a manager must have skills that enable them to perform the job. These include effective communication, problem-solving, and time management.


One of the top skills to have is communication. The manager must be the hub between residents, staff, vendors, and board members.

An effective manager will listen, empathize, and ensure everyone is on the same page. This will prevent negative feelings and disputes.


An effective problem solver addresses issues and resolves them before they have a chance to become significant. This can prevent minor disputes from growing into contentious legal matters. It can prevent a minor cash flow issue from turning into a significant budgeting issue.

Time management

Effective time management includes ensuring daily tasks and long-term deadlines are met. This can be crucial when the HOA must meet legally regulated timelines. It also ensures that required communications are done in a timely manner.

Manager Responsibilities

Managing an HOA community requires a broad spectrum of duties. Managers represent the board.

They need to know the rules. They also need to know daily required tasks.

Vendor Oversight

The HOA will need to hire many vendors to maintain the community areas. Experienced managers have vendor connections. They can use these connections to secure high-quality service at reasonable prices.

Managers need to ask vendors for their track records. They should verify licensing, certifications, and insurance.

Enforce Rules

Managers need to know the HOA rules and the laws that govern them. This includes staying current on the latest legal changes for HOAs in Idaho. They should perform routine inspections and send rule violation notices.

Community Guidance

The residents need someone they can come to for guidance. A manager knows the rules and can provide the correct answers to inquiries.

They can also guide less experienced HOA board members. That way, the board doesn't rule afoul of HOA laws.

Ongoing Accounting

While it is one of the HOA Board's Responsibilities to set the yearly budget, the manager tracks the ongoing expenses. This includes the daily, weekly, and monthly operation costs.

Maintain Property

Many communities have areas available for the entire community's residents to use. The manager maintains grounds and ensures the community looks well maintained.

This includes weekly lawn maintenance, painting, or pressure washing. It can also involve arranging for holiday decorating.

Hire an Association Manager

The purpose of living in a HOA community is to enjoy a neighborhood that maintains its high standards. You need to hire a property manager to uphold those standards.

Property management services like those from PMI Treasure Valley will handle the responsibilities. Work with an association manager to improve the functioning of your HOA community.

Enjoy peace of mind with a well-managed community when PMI Treasure Valley is your association management service.