HOA Holiday Decorating: Setting Guidelines for Seasonal Festivities in Boise, Idaho

HOA Holiday Decorating: Setting Guidelines for Seasonal Festivities in Boise, Idaho

A man in Boise, Idaho rents a lift every year to decorate a massive tree in the front yard that he planted over 36 years ago. It's a neighborhood tradition that everyone looks forward to every year.

In other towns, people will often go well out of their way to view beautiful Christmas decorations that homeowners put up. Something about the lights and the splendor helps bring the holiday joy out of a person. However, there may be HOA holiday decorating rules that limit what you can put on your front lawn.

Here's how your HOA can set decorating guidelines to improve holiday safety without ruining the holiday spirit.

Consider Potentially Offensive Decorations

One role of an HOA board is to make sure the neighborhood is a safe place for everyone. That includes creating a comfortable environment.

First of all, it's important to understand what kind of decorations may prove offensive to neighbors. A very religious family may not like seeing items from different religions on the border of their property. It's even worse if they hear music celebrating that religion.

Lighting Restrictions

Holiday lighting is another area that may violate HOA regulations, especially if it disturbs the peace or illuminates nearby houses. It's one thing to have extra lighting during holiday events or community festivities, but you can't have those up every night for an entire month.

Noisy Decorations and Sound Setups

Excessive noise goes hand-in-hand with holiday restrictions. Holiday music may invoke a festive mood, but it can cause problems if played too loud or at late hours of the night. Your HOA board should set up some kind of limit in terms of volume and when it needs to stop.

Holiday Decorations Timeline

Your HOA board may want to establish a timeline for when decorations must go up and come down.

For example, some people like to start decorating for Christmas as soon as Halloween is over. However, this may upset neighbors who prefer to establish a Thanksgiving theme throughout the month of November.

Additionally, homeowners often leave lights up long past the end of December. You'll want to set a date for them to clean up and put them away.

Fire Safety Policy

Finally, follow up with your HOA fire safety policy. That means trimming trees, hedges, and vines. This is especially important if you plan to have wiring set up all over a property.

One spark is all it takes to start a fire. HOA management can help create policies and with enforcement if your board struggles with them.

Manage HOA Holiday Decorating Better

HOA holiday decorating shouldn't be a complicated thing as long as you've laid out ground rules that everyone can agree to. No one's decorations should offend another person or disrupt their way of life. You also don't want lighting to start a fire and endanger the neighborhood.

If you need help with HOA regulations and enforcement, look no further than PMI Treasure Valley. We provide association management to Boise and its surrounding communities. Contact us with any questions and to request a bid.