Roles and Responsibilities of an Community Association Manager in Boise, ID

Roles and Responsibilities of an Community Association Manager in Boise, ID

How many hours a day do your community volunteers dedicate to the betterment of the community? If you can't find a number off the top of your head, it's likely too much time. Over 2.5 million volunteers spend 98.5 million hours a year serving their communities.

Instead of leaving them without support, hire a Boise community association manager. The best association manager will save you time, money, and stress.

Not sure who to hire? Read more to discover the roles and responsibilities of the best managers today!

Community Association Manager Responsibilities

Choose a full-service association management company. Their range of services will allow them to better serve your community.

They can help with operations and administration, including:

  • Meeting attendance
  • Agenda preparation
  • Member dispute resolution
  • Insurance administration
  • Project management
  • Managing vendors and contractors

Make sure they review your governing documents. They'll ensure members remain compliant.

Your association manager can schedule maintenance and inspections. They'll hire reliable contractors to improve the community's property values.

Their financial expertise will allow them to help prepare the budget. They'll ensure the success of your community assets. They can manage financial reports and collect assessments.

Choose a company that uses property management software. Automation can save you time and money while giving your community a competitive advantage. This software can handle accounting, building maintenance, and more.

Community Association Manager Skills

Interview at least three community association managers on your list. An in-person interview will help you gauge their skill set.

Look for someone with strong customer service skills. They'll need to respond to community-related concerns, comments, or questions. Their customer service skills will allow them to respond and resolve issues.

Select a strong communicator. Community members should feel that they're accessible and approachable. Your community manager will need to communicate with service providers, residents, and board members.

Determine if they're calm and professional. They should be able to keep their cool during stressful situations.

Find a community manager who is objective. They should make choices that are in the best interest of the community, not themselves. They should treat everyone fairly by making consistent decisions.

Make sure they're organized as well. Select a manager who can remain on task with multiple projects. Their organizational skills will allow them to remain efficient.

Community Association Manager Job Requirements

Before choosing an association manager, review their education and professional history. Confirm that they have a Bachelor's degree in business management or hospitality. Consider how long they've worked in the industry.

Ask if they have any accreditations. For example, they may have an accreditation from the Community Associations Institute (CAI). Professionals with a CAI designation are dedicated to the profession and providing the best possible services.

Hire Your Boise Community Association Manager

The best community association manager will help your community thrive. Keep these roles and responsibilities in mind during your search. Choose someone with years of hands-on industry experience.

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