Community Association Manager: Leading Communities to Thrive and Flourish

Community Association Manager: Leading Communities to Thrive and Flourish

Did you know that about 80% of Boise's acreage is part of one of our 34 community associations? That means that most of Boise's homeowners are relying on a community association to maintain and improve their neighborhood experience.

Running a community association isn't as simple as it might seem. Most of your board members have full-time jobs, meetings aren't always easy to schedule, and no one is quite sure how to manage the accounts.

That's where a community association manager comes in. Read on to learn how an HOA manager can lead your community to thrive and flourish.

Getting to Know Your Community Needs

Community association management companies have many roles and responsibilities, including operations, administration, and accounting. However, they never take a one-size-fits-all approach to the communities they serve.

In order to improve your community living, your HOA manager will get to know your community's needs. What are the top concerns your neighbors share and what are the biggest improvements they hope to see? HOA managers work with their community association to meet the unique needs and expectations of every member.

Bringing a New Level of Expertise

Idaho law gives community associations a great deal of autonomy. However, there are still some laws that your HOA community in Boise must adhere to.

A community association manager has both the responsibilities and skills to ensure legal compliance. They will review all of your current practices to assess potential liabilities. They will help you craft a better way forward, from meeting tax requirements to complying with relevant laws.

Managing Funding for Better Use

One of the biggest issues that HOAs face is an inadequate use of funding. HOA dues (aka HOA assessments) lay the groundwork for everything an HOA does. This includes:

  • Management of shared community land
  • Arrangements of municipal services
  • Management of shared amenities (e.g., pools and parks)
  • Community event planning

An HOA manager can audit your current accounts and find better ways to make your fees stretch to meet your goals. This can prevent member upset and unnecessary fee increases.

Adding Excitement to Your HOA Meetings

Each year, you need to hold at least one HOA meeting that all members can attend. What if your attendance is low or your meetings tend to result in raised tensions?

A community association manager can teach your board better meeting etiquette. They can also help organize meetings so that they're efficient, productive, and enjoyable to attend.

Do You Need a Community Association Manager in Boise?

Chances are high that you live in a Boise neighborhood with a community association. Is your community association meeting member expectations and creating a happier, more rewarding living experience? If not, it may be time to work with a community association manager so your community can thrive and fluorish.

PMI Treasure Valley is one of the only management companies in Boise that is focused 100% on community associations. Our entire team is dedicated to HOA laws, regulations, and updated practices. Contact us if you're ready to work with some of the best association managers in the region.