What are the Different Roles on an HOA board?

What are the Different Roles on an HOA board?
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While not every association is run in the same way, these are the roles that are typical in a HOA board of directors including a brief description of typical duties. In smaller associations some roles may be combined and in larger associations some duties may be delegated to employees or a management company.

President – The President presides over association meetings, making sure association business is handled timely, fairly, and according to the association’s governing documents. The President will also typically sign any board approved contracts and legal documents as needed. Additionally, they will often handle day-to-day administrative issues as empowered by the association.

Treasurer – The Treasurer’s primary responsibility is overseeing the finances of the HOA. The treasurer will also typically lead the development of an annual budget. In larger associations many day-to-day accounting functions may be outsourced to a manager or bookkeeper, however the Treasurer is still responsible to provide oversight.

Secretary – The Secretary is responsible to maintain the records of the association including membership, meeting, and organization records. They also ensure sure meeting notices are made and meeting minutes are kept.

Vice President – The Vice President’s primary role is to step into the role of President when the President is absent or unable to serve.