5 Key Responsibilities of a Home Owners Association Manager in Boise, Idaho

5 Key Responsibilities of a Home Owners Association Manager in Boise, Idaho

Being in charge of an HOA can be a time-consuming and thankless job, but there is a better way. Instead of dealing with the many issues that can arise, you can hire a home owners association manager.

These professionals are experts in HOA governance, and they offer invaluable support to both residents and the HOA board. This outsourcing of responsibilities can lead to your HOA running more smoothly throughout the year.

Let's look at five important services an HOA manager can provide.

1. Financial Management Assistance

An HOA must be on a solid financial footing, otherwise it may not be able to meet the needs of residents. This requires the collection and processing of fees, and a strict approach when it comes to hiring contractors or paying other third parties such as insurance companies.

When you hire an HOA manager, they will look after the budget and provide financial reports and advice.

2. Property Maintenance

Carrying out property maintenance is essential, both for health and safety reasons and for improving the appearance of the neighborhood. For example, there will be common area maintenance tasks such as landscaping and trash collection. Additionally, there could be work to complete for individual residences such as fixing electrical issues or repairing broken water pipes.

Dealing with these problems promptly can be challenging, but an HOA manager can do this on your behalf.

3. HOA Policy Compliance

You may find that residents uphold community policies most of the time, but if someone breaks the rules, this can be a problem. For the good of the whole community, you may need to take enforcement action, and this can be a difficult situation.

Your home owners association manager will calmly handle these incidents to bring about the best outcome for all parties.

4. Responsive Service for HOA Residents

It can be frustrating for residents if it takes too long to get a response from their HOA. In some cases, it could even be dangerous, such as if a house has loose roof tiles that could fall at any moment.

An HOA manager will respond quickly to all queries and requests, which can keep your residents happy and reduce complaints.

5. Administrative Tasks

It's important to maintain records and documents such as HOA contracts in an organized manner. You might need these at any moment to prove you have completed all the necessary jobs that help to keep your HOA operating efficiently.

By keeping all these details stored on dedicated software, your HOA manager will ensure your records are orderly and compliant with all legal regulations.

Hire a PMI Treasure Valley Home Owners Association Manager

Hiring a home owners association manager could be the best decision you'll make this year. Not only will they handle the responsibilities that come with running an HOA, but they'll also provide timely reports so you always know what's happening.

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