What Is an HOA Board in Boise, Idaho?

What Is an HOA Board in Boise, Idaho?

A 2020 survey highlights that 89% of homeowners in HOA-run communities are highly satisfied with the work done by their HOA board.

They believe the HOA board of directors is doing a great job and find them supportive and approachable. Most importantly, these homeowners feel that HOA rules enhance property values.

Keep reading to find out more about the role of an HOA board in Boise, Idaho.

What Is an HOA Board?

An HOA board of directors consists of people elected to run a community housing association. They usually have four core members and sometimes a few general members, depending on the size of the association.

The four core members are:

  • President
  • Vice president
  • Board Secretary
  • Treasurer

They perform their duties voluntarily without compensation. They may receive reimbursement for expenses accrued while performing their duties.

Some HOAs employ an HOA manager to assist them in the daily running of the HOA. This is a paid position, and the board pays their salary from HOA fees.

What are HOA Board Members' Duties?

HOA communities have convenient services and attractive communal amenities that encourage high property values. An HOA community relies on order and structure to maintain these benefits for its residents.

It's the HOA board's job to provide this by performing the following duties:

  • Ensuring compliance with all applicable laws
  • Maintaining common spaces and buildings
  • Enforcing HOA regulations and rules
  • Managing HOA finances
  • Resolving conflicts

The HOA fees paid by residents in the community go toward carrying out these functions to ensure that the community retains its appeal and value.

Most homeowners prefer to live in these communities because they can enjoy the benefits of these amenities without bearing all the costs themselves.

HOA Roles

Apart from the main functions of the HOA, each of the main board members has a specific role to play. They must manage the following aspects according to their designations:


As the leader of the HOA board, the president represents the whole community. They work closely with HOA managers, board members, vendors, and homeowners.

Their main tasks include:

  • Presiding over HOA meetings
  • Facilitating decision-making
  • Signing legal documents and checks
  • Speaking on behalf of the HOA

To a degree, the president also takes charge of the community's day-to-day operations.

Vice President

The HOA Vice President is the president's second in command. They may fill in for them in their absence. They often have a few duties of their own, such as heading up separate committees.

This is purely to alleviate the workload of the president, who still has the final say in all decisions.


The treasurer must oversee all the financial operations of the association. They compile the budget, monitor income and expenses, and issue payments.

They also prepare financial reports and arrange end-of-year audits. Larger HOAs may have a financial committee with the treasurer at the helm.


HOA secretaries deal primarily with board meetings. They create the agenda, send notices for board meetings, ensure a quorum, and take minutes at the meetings.

Other secretarial functions include storing maintenance and homeowner records, ensuring compliance with governing documents, and maintaining bank information.

Get Better Results With Less Work

HOA management duties are time-consuming and sometimes complicated. Hiring professional community association management services is the best way to streamline these processes and save board members' time.

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