4 Benefits of Community Association Management Companies

4 Benefits of Community Association Management Companies

Boise is home to an estimated 35 neighborhood associations that share the goal of expanding and maintaining their communities with intention. These associations are often run by a few members who live in the neighborhood and represent their neighbors.

The problem is that running a community association isn't always as easy as it may seem. It can include things like collecting dues, holding meetings, managing finances, and making improvements.

If you know that your community association has room for improvement, why not partner with community association management?

Read on to learn the four benefits of working with the experts.

1. Accounting

If you're currently running your community association, it's likely that it isn't your only job. That can make something as seemingly simple as collecting dues difficult and time-consuming. This is especially true when you don't have automatic or online payments set up and have to collect payments by mail or door-to-door.

Dues and due management aren't the only accounting tasks you can expect to deal with. HOAs and community associations must register with the state as a corporation despite their small scale and lack of true profit. Association management can handle all accounting, including state income tax for corporations.

2. Vendor Coordination

Those dues often cover the maintenance of shared spaces like parks and neighborhood pools. To keep dues low and have money left over for emergencies or events, you need to find the right vendors at the right price.

An experienced community association manager is familiar with the best local vendors. In fact, they may even have deals with vendors and can secure high-quality services at a discount.

3. Compliance and Inspections

Many community associations do more than improve shared spaces. They also create rules that reflect the membership's desire to protect property values. This can include things like:

  • Lawn maintenance requirements
  • Limitations on home additions
  • External property requirements (e.g., flag pole height maximums)
  • Noise control requirements

Having rules in place isn't enough. Community association managers can regularly inspect all properties in your neighborhood and enforce your community rules and regulations.

4. Homeowner and Board Resources

Chances are, both homeowners and board members in your community will have questions, concerns, and ideas they want to share. If you're not "in office" full-time, it can become difficult to stay on top of this communication.

Community association managers offer homeowner and board resources to streamline and improve communication. Our goal is to ensure that your community association serves every homeowner in your community.

Need Boise Community Association Management?

Community associations and HOA boards can go a long way toward improving your community. However, it's not always easy for members to run their community associations alone.

PMI Treasure Valley is here to serve community associations in Boise and surrounding areas. We have years of experience that we want to bring right to your neighborhood. Contact us to learn more about how we can help.